Day Trading with Market Mapping: 25 years of Learning and Advancing the ART of Daytrading

I was first introduced to Market Mapping close to 25 years ago. A friend of mine told me he knew a guy who was making a million a year trading the S&P 500 futures by matching on his screen to prior day trading chart transparencies (you'd hold the transparency up to the screen until you find a match, and then trade it).  This was back when laser printers were first created.  I asked my friend if he could introduce me to the trader and both parties agreed to set up a meeting. So, I was introduced to Bob and Market Mapping.  Bob was very open to sharing what he was doing and from that day forward, I became obsessed with Market Mapping.

So, at first I started with the transparencies.  That is pretty straight forward actually, you just look for a match on your screen and trade the market to fill that pattern.  After a while we began writing code to find the pattern matches.  We had a website called that offered this as a service. It was so popular the servers couldn't stay up because the demand was so high it kept crashing the servers.  I ran that site for many years and it was a big success.  What's cool about it is you are matching the future. So your thinking is forward, and this is a big thing in day trading; it is VERY different when you have learned to think in the future trading.

About 8 years ago I began doing the trading room and in a short time we were creating market maps in there, and still do to this day.  Eventually the day trading room overtook the MarketMapping website, so we map in the rooms these days.

There has been a lot of evolution to it; many years of development and we have some of the best market mapping ever that we offer in our trading rooms.   In other words, we keep getting WAY better at it.  There's really nothing like it.

One way of thinking about it is this:  If you were going on a trip, you'd want to know how to get there first, right?  Well that's what market mapping is like; it is a roadmap to day trading the market.  It's like having a GPS to the market. Like driving with a GPS, once you day trade with a map, you won't want to trade without it.

Another thing that is cool about market maps (the ones we do these days) is you can see the market from both the inside and the outside, so you get 4 poles to trade...  For example, it shows you the seqences of trends you expect looking out into the future,  but you can also look at it from the viewpoint of where it should not go.  This also turns into an amazing support / resistance machine.   It also helps to answer the all important question, "What's the market trying to do, and What's the most likely direction for range expansion?"

One of our maps we use is called the Ultra Map. I'll put a screenshot of it below.  If you want to day trade trade with a map of the future, then join the trading room.  Just this feature alsone is worth the cost of the trading room, so if you subscribed just for the map, you'd get a good value.  We publish these maps even (as much as a week in advance for all the sessions of the week; day, night / Globex and European sessions).

I love knowing in advance what the market should be doing. It's life changing actually, once you wrap your brain around thinking in the future!    Either for the ES Emini Futures or for Crude Oil.  We can market map any market, so if you wanted other markets we could do that too (on special request / consulting basis).

The things you'll learn in these trading rooms are applicable in any market, so a lot additional is brought to the table. We are a professional day trading room and a very substantial portion of our members have been with us for many years.

Enjoy the screenshot of the UltraMap below. Feel free to ask questions using the contact tab on the site.  Better yet, just join because the only true way to learn Market Mapping is to do it live.  The members area resources cover how to use this map and other maps we use and we actively use them each day with ongoing discussions and applications of daytrading with Market Maps and Market Mapping concepts.

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