Welcome to the OilTradingRoom!

We are 8 years strong and running helping day traders achieve their dreams as traders.  We are a major source as a day trading academy, for trading education, mentorship, consulting, courses, coaching and  if you want to learn to trade.

Our trading room is moderated by World Cup Champion trader Rob Mitchell. Rob has been called the Largest emini S&P trader in the world at various times and has won the prestigious Robbins World Cup Trading Championships in the Emini S&P futures.

We have progressively developed more advanced trading methods over the years  for day trading, intraday trading, short term trading and  scalping in the trading room using trading tools from IndicatorSmart. com on the Ninjatrader 8 day trading platform.  We use the best day trading indicators, trading strategies, trading signals, systems and tools.

If you truly want to learn to day trade with the best strategies and the most accurate intraday trading indicators, Ninjatrader indicators, with the most qualified teacher(s) then you are in the right place!

We generally focus on CL futures in the room with our methods being  applicable in any market such as the ES emini S&P futures.   Why CL Futures?  Because  we believe this market is the most consistent environment for learning. Once you get the concepts in this market, the learning translates more easily to other markets and we believe that increases your probability for success.

If you’d like to join us in the Oil Trading Room, check out the home page video first and get a nice coupon code for a discount.  We have been doing a lot of remarkable market mapping and advancements in signal technology in the trading room live daily where Rob lectures for a couple hours each day. There are hundreds of pages of resources in our members area that we have developed over the years and we have learned where to help you to focus to shorten your learning curve whether you are a beginner or seasoned trader.  If you have any questions, reach out on the contact page or, go here to sign up now: