Crude Oil Trading Room

We teach from basic to advanced methods in all aspects of trading using the Smart Patterns Trading System (Trading Room Package from daily in our trading rooms where we also teach Probability Stacking and Market Mapping concepts. There is really nothing like it!  As a room member, you will have Rob interpreting the market live and with respect to the tools, concepts  and probabilities as well as answering your questions and helping you in your journey forward as a trader. Do you need the trading tools to be a room member? No, and many members who do not have the tools get them as it makes sense to them and they can see it working.  The trading room goes well beyond just trading and the methods we teach can be used in any reasonably volatile market.  Click here to learn more and see some of our recent reviews!

The Oil Trading Room (moderated by Rob Mitchell) each open 5 minutes before the pit session open ( 855AM  Eastern time on full/  non holiday trading days)  and with daily lectures / moderation / for the first 1-2 hours daily.

Click the icons below to visit the trading room (be sure to key in coupon code SPECIALMEMBER for your best pricing for the trading room ):