What to do if NinjaTrader Locks up on your Computer

If your NinjaTrader has issues locking up, some of these pointers can help to improve or eliminate the condition.

Tips on Making NinjaTrader Sing

I take no responsibility for things that might happen if you do the things below, but these are things that have worked for me. Contact NinjaTrader support if issues persist.

1) Run CCleaner on your machine (free download it from a reputable source).

2) Run MalwareBytes scan on your machine (free download it from a reputable source).

3) Clear your cache (Delete the contents of NinjaTrader/db/cache).  You may also try the following in case  NinjaTrader's cache or database becomes corrupt.   Disconnect from data.  Close all charts.  Go to Tools --> Options --> Data --> Repair Database.  Close NT.  Navigate to Documents\NinjaTrader\db\cache and delete the contents.

4) Make sure NinjaTrader is permissioned through your antivirus software so it does not interfere with Ninja operations.

5) Do not run unnecessary code in NinjaTrader

6) Delete or change the name of your .SDF file so Ninja is not spending its resources running a database (in NinjaTrader/db/). Note: This will clear your performance information in Ninja.

7) Keep your computer clean by not installing a lot of software on it and tend to devote it to just trading.

8) Sometimes a certain chart will be causing the lockup.  In this case, you can systematically remove various charts to possibly identify the cart causing the issue.

9) It is best to run NinjaTrader 7 on a computer with fewer processors since it cannot multi-thread.  For example 4 cores is better than 6 or 8 cores.

10)  Run Norton Power Eraser from Symantec Norton and or Registry Recycler.  Both are free and can repair registry issues on your computer.

11) Turn any indicators you can to Calculate on Bar Close.  This can possibly save a massive amount of computing power and help to make your machine run like greased lightning.

12) Use your Historical Data manager and redownload data to clear and corrupt data.

13) If the above do not resolve the issue, you can reinstall NT and/or reach out to NT support to optimize your performance.