Trading Oil With Mega Bars Like a Boss

VadimMy name is Vadim and some of you may know me from previous years. I have been working and trading with Rob for the last 8 years and it has been a blast!

This oil trading room is simply amazing. Mega bars are simple to understand and trade. They are the smoothest bars on the planet and only we have them!


What I like about OilTradingRoom:

- Mega Bars (only available here) - are very smooth and keep me out of overtrading and out of bad zones
- Rob's guidance (worth its weight in gold or oil :))
- Smart volume bars
- Stop trailing indications
- Momentum divergence
- Pivot Levels
- Magnet Zones
- Clear Trend indications
- Can just trade first 2 hours of the day and play golf the rest of the day


Today was our first Trading Room session with AnyMeeting and here are examples of the trades that I took today with real money in my TradeStation account (currently I trade 2 contracts at a time all in and scale out)

*Trade #1

This one netted about $550 and corresponds with this Mega Bars chart-

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 1.36.02 PM You can see for yourself how much smoother and clearer the MegaBars are! Entry signal was clear as day - up trend with smooth bars.


*Trade #2


Another $600 here with just 2 contracts off of this chart -

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 1.39.16 PM


You see that nice big cyan volume bar with up green Mega Bar and the hammer? I buy that all day long.

* Done for the day, then messing around with other little trades -

VadimsTrading09 Sep. 03 13.09

Another $300-400 or so

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 1.41.12 PM


If you want to have access to these type of trade setups and the smoothest bars in the trading world - the Mega Bars, they are only available here in the OilTradingRoom, be sure to be on the mailing list to get an invite into the room.

Seats are limited so continue to monitor your mailbox for an invite!


4 thoughts on “Trading Oil With Mega Bars Like a Boss”

  1. thank you for that vadim. so can you clarify, are you trading mega bars or not? if so, for how long? do you have them on your own charts? (i am confused because the charts you show are not mega bars).

    how do we get them on our own charts to do some testing and get more familiar at times that are suitable in our time zone? (without having to sit through the trading room where we do not have control over the screen anyway)

    i have read they are only available in the room, so does that mean we’ve got to just “watch” them on rob’s screen?

    1. I only trade based on the MBs, i dont have them, only Rob has them so I make the anymeeting window as one of my trading windows.

      the Mega Bars are only available thru the trading room and there are no plans of selling them in a near future.

  2. Hi Vadim,

    I noticed the annotation you made on the Smart Momentum Indicator on Trade #2. It looks as if you were using Type 1 divergence as a confirmation? Is that correct?


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