The Journey: Focusing on What You Want

In this post we cover the important concept of being happy to get what you want, embracing the feedback along the way and achieving goals consistent with your power.

Disregard the following is if it does not apply to you!

Most people pick up the belief along the way that in order to be happy you have to get something.  This is backwards and does not align with the way the expanding universe does things.   When the universe creates something, it does so based on law.  It is not a condition. It also isn't hard work.

That being said, the state of creativeness comes first (for creating anything).  This translates as happy.  Simple right?  Happy is the energy where things and life works.

Albert Einstein showed us: E = MC2.  Fundamentally it says energy / light is things and things are energy.  So, from this place of happy, we are then in a mode to be creative and manifest our desires. Ever notice people light up when they are happy?  That's cause you can see that light in them in happy.  Happy IS energy in the process of manifesting.

Ever seen a mad kid create anything?  Destroy maybe... When kids are happy though they play and when they play they create.  Somewhere along the way adults forget this and then the struggle begins.   Why struggle.  Just start with happy!

So play, don't worry and be happy and use this as your starting point in each moment and in everything you do.... especially trading.   In another post we covered the Circle of Power.  The Circle of power is proof you can change your state in any moment.  This means it is a choice!  So why not choose the state of happy.  When people around you experience you as happy, they will also support your cause as the universe responds to what you really are. You might even just get everything you want by doing this one thing!  Try it for a month.  Go ahead, I dare you and just see what happens! Every moment until it is a habit.  Yeah, I dare you!  🙂  Adjust as you go!

Now let's talk about the journey for a moment.  The journey is like driving a car. You can drive happy, mad, sad.  I choose happy!   Some people we know might moan and groan with every twist and turn the world delivers to them.   This is about equivalent to complaining that there is a turn in the road as you drive your car to your desired destination.  This is crazy and we all know it doesn't work, right?

As the car gets off track, what do you do?  You embrace the feedback (failure) that the car is off track for the safe and proper journey.  So, you don't moan and groan, you correct the course of the car based on the feedback you are receiving each moment as you go.  Don't worry! Be Happy!  In the slide below, this is part of the journey is represented as the middle  section and the feedback system represented by the green arrow.   The yellow arrow represents the feedback and the learnings we receive  for the whole journey.  Each piece of feedback is a minor failure/feedback in the journey of your car or on the way to your goal, right?  I am sooooooooo grateful for feedback!  It tells me what I need to do to get back on track.  Thank it and embrace it... happily!   Gratefully!

The green arrow represents the feed that occurs many times during your trip.  The yellow arrow occurs after you have arrived at your destination and represents your final learning. This is a celebration of your improved navigation skills.  On your next journey you are always approach mastery.

So, to get what you want take the information and feedback from the journey and get focused back on what you want.

In simplest terms,  you have your goal, so adjust as you go.  If you find yourself off track,  just focus on what you want.

What do you do if you get off course in your journey to what you want?   Focus on what you want!

Say it!

What do you do if you get off course in your journey to what you want?   Focus on what you want!

Say it again!

What do you do if you get off course in your journey to what you want?   Focus on what you want!

That's right!


The Journey-Focus on What You Want

Turbo charge your journey.  Develop a solid achievable plan for getting what you want.  Technologies for personal change and achieving excellence have advanced just like cell phones and other amazing technologies.  All change happens in one moment. Empowering personal change can happen quickly, safely and effectively now.  Reach out to Rob about starting your journey now!