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Webinar Covering Key Techniques in the Live Oil Trading Room

The video below covers key techniques we use in the Oil Trading Room. There and other advanced techniques are used in the room daily to establish probability scenarios for what the market is doing. For example, we may know when there is a certain pattern occurring, that there is a 98% probability the market will go to a certain level.   We don't always know with 98% certainty, but often high enough that we can get caught in large trades with manageable risk.   The video below covers various such scenarios... enjoy!

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Webinar: Discover and Benefit from the Huge Opportunity in the Oil Trading Room (For Members)

Below is a trading room day review for January 8, 2014 covering a range of advanced topics that can really boost your trading skill. Topics covered include: Understanding 30 Minute Bar Ranges,
Mega Bars- and their unique properties, The E2 Pattern and Color Change Patterns, Trend Determination with 30 minute bars and Key Cycling Concepts, Bar Violations (traps) and Retags . Note: you must be logged in as a room member to access the rest of this article. Sign up now to get access.

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