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Trading For High Win Percentages (…and how to do it)

By World Cup Champion Trader Rob Mitchell

The first couple million I made as a trader used a trading system that was only a couple lines of code. That was over 20 years ago.  Now that I have had over 2 decades to refine that knowledge from that original signal,  I will now share with you these concepts and how I have refined them to make the super trading systems that we use today to trade for high win percentages.

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Powerful Counter Trend Methods for Study (Members Only)

This Special Holiday post is for members who wish to benefit at key turning points in the market.  These methods were discussed in today's room lecture and are here for your benefit,  study and contribution.

Why are these articles for Members only? Because any one of these articles is easily worth the cost of being a member. The information in this article could easily be worth thousands to you!  In the OTR,  it is just part of membership and an ongoing stream of advancing trading technology that we strongly encourage you to be a part of.

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