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Determination of Period Bias with high percentage accuracy and probability of Period Support and Resistance in Crude Oil Futures (members only)

The article below written by Mike is one of the most creative treatments of room statistics I have seen and is a very unique way of seeing the market on two points.  One is the Bias of any given period with reference to another to determine support, resistance and trend bias. The second  is a way of understanding a measure of congestion that tells you how normal the day is.  From this you can also determine things like how reliable your statistics might be and what the trend might be at points later in the day.

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Time, Price and Opportunity

By Ned Robinson

The Basic TPO Chart

Price advertises the opportunity and time regulates it. I wrote that in the article,  An Introduction to Market Profile.   This article will introduce you to the TPO (Time Price Opportunity) chart and show you how to see the opportunities that await you to make profitable trades, opportunities that exist every day.

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