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Calling the Low Two Days in a Row in the Live Oil Trading Room

I have mentioned we have some real super star traders in the Oil Trading Room.  After predicting the low yesterday to the tick myself, I asked the room again today to put in their numbers for  today's low. Kudos to both Jack and Mike from Chicago who called it perfectly to the tick at 91.15 on the November contract. Having guys of this caliber in the room is a privilege!

Some of the highlights in the room today were trading into the Continue reading

Trading A Day of Reports in the Crude Oil Live Trading Room

Trading into reports can be hazardous to your trading account health and often it is best to stay on the side lines and wait for the best situations to trade into.  In fact often the best trading ability is demonstrated by your ability to not trade when it is the wrong time and pattern. This is where the room can help out a lot because we have very experienced traders in the room who can help with this. Continue reading

Week’s Review for the Oil Day Trading Room (week ending 9/12/2014)

Room members asked me to post the charts so they can help to identify patterns for the room but this post is not just for members. Take a good look at the trades on these charts (below) and leave your comments below.

A word form one of our members...
A word form one of our members...

If you are not benefiting from the room now, perhaps these charts will help you to see just how much of a huge opportunity our room provides for Continue reading