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Trading For High Win Percentages (…and how to do it)

By World Cup Champion Trader Rob Mitchell

The first couple million I made as a trader used a trading system that was only a couple lines of code. That was over 20 years ago.  Now that I have had over 2 decades to refine that knowledge from that original signal,  I will now share with you these concepts and how I have refined them to make the super trading systems that we use today to trade for high win percentages.

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If I were a Newbie in the Oil Trading Room (Members Only)

By Mike Wilt

I have been a member of the OTR since its inception so I have read all the articles and have been right in the middle of all the growth of the room.   I have seen new members come and go.  It recently struck me that it could be much more difficult being a new member today than when I joined even though the room has gotten better and we have developed many excellent techniques we did not have when we began. Because of that,  I became motivated to write this blog article in hopes of sharing my extremely biased view of how I would approach being a new member to the OTR.

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