Picking the Low in The Crude Oil Live Trading Room… To the Tick!

Today we had a blast in the Live Oil Trading room.  One member asked what the low of the day will be and quite a few members chimed in with their predictions!  What a blast!

I called 91.81 and sure enough that was the low to the exact tick.  I don't do this often, so don't expect it to be so good next time! But it sure was fun seeing the market go to my exact tick.  Several other members were very close.  Kudos on that guys!

Rob Calls Low

How did I make my prediction?  Easy. Looked at the Smart Zones (from IndicatorSmart) chart in the Live Trading Room screen and saw the lower zone was at that level and simply picked that number. No magic there really. This is a testament however to just how well our support and resistance methods really work (and just how simple they really are).

Incredible day in the room today.  We discussed a lot of advanced topics early on and caught a monster trend going down, multiple times.  Many members reported having amazing days.  The performance of the Oil Trading Room is not what I say I did, it is what the members are doing. Everyone approaches it in their own way which makes the room unique (and personal) for each member).

Anyone who has attended the room for a couple days has seen this. So if you have not, be sure to come visit the trading room and see for yourself.  You can also look at all the amazing things people are experiencing on the Reviews Page on the tab above.

If you'd like to see today's room Mega Bar Chart (it's a beautiful thing!), Click Here.

Hope to see you in the room tomorrow!

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