OTR Lease for all markets

If you would like to lease the tools we use in the room for Ninjatrader 7 or NT8,  you can do that here!  The lease is composed of Smart Patterns components as listed on the IndicatorSmart.com website. It therefore may not include all the tools we use in the room (some, but not all of them are free in the members area).

NOTE:  If you would like to add other indicators we use in the room such as the SmartDynamicZones or the SmartDynamicAccelerationDetection, SmartTrendOdds etc.  ask us when enquiring about the lease purchase and we will add them to your lease using the same 15 month divisor.  If you have already purchased indicators that are part of the SmartPatterns Trading System ask us when enquiring and we will reduce your lease by the amount of those Smart Patterns components already purchased.

So you are benefitting as you go, we have made this a lease purchase plan and this lease plan is separate from the room membership.

Here's how it works:  You pay your monthly lease You pay your monthly lease at $349 (through a PayPal recurring invoice)  for 15 months and the system is yours for the all markets version of the Smart Patterns Trading System/Tools.  If you would prefer to get the Smart Patterns lease for the CL market only click here.  If payment is stopped before the end of the 15 months, then the lease purchase is cancelled.  If you would like to complete a previously uncompleted lease purchase later at any time and within one year of cancellation,  you can complete it by paying the remainder in one lump sum.    It's that simple!  This lease purchase does not include BloodHound which makes the background color changes on the charts of the system.  If you would like to get BloodHound also, please click here to get it through IndicatorSmart.com 

Place your order below. All leases are for one machine ID only.  Product deliveries are made on days and hours in which the room is open.  Following your order, you will be provided with instructions to get your downloads and installation files.  In order to comply with this agreement you also certify that you do not hold yourself out to the public as a market professional including trader or trainer. Thank You for supporting our work!

In order to get started with the lease, simply ask Rob and we'll get you set up with a payment plan through PayPal invoicing.

To learn more about the Smart Patterns Toolset go here: http://indicatorsmart.com/product/smart-patterns-ultimate/