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12 thoughts on “Oil Trading Room Special Trial Offer”

  1. Looking forward to being a member of the OTR. I have come so far in my trading, but have just a few things I need to adjust and then I feel I am finally on my way. Really believe the community and strategies presented in the OTR will be a big asset to me and my future.

    1. Hey Scott, Glad to have you on board! Get in and get involved and enjoy- We have lots of great stats and analysis and good earning and earning going on! See you in the room tomorrow! Rob

  2. I have made literally tons of notes through the last six years in the course of my trading. I came across three of them this morning, which I thought the members of the room would appreciate.

    “A trader anticipates being right while at the same time is prepared to be wrong”.

    “A trader hopes for the best, but expects the worst.”

    “The great Traders have always been humbled by the market early on in their careers creating a deep respect for the market. Until one has this respect indelibly engraved in their makeup,
    the concept of money management and discipline will never be treated seriously”.

  3. Scott: I was wondering how your trial of the OTR is going? Any comments for someone serious;y considering joining?
    Thank you

    1. Al, I’m late to seeing your question. The OTR has been the best decision I have made to improve my trading in the last 6 years. I would urge you to consider it if trading the CL is your goal. I’ve waisted a lot of time trying to do it all on my own. It is money well spent and the trades you will learn will pay the monthly fee easily.

  4. Hi Rob,
    I initially heard you on TopStepTrader and have since listened to several You Tube videos through the IndicatorsSmart site. I am not a very consistent trader, but I am determined to improve and willing to learn. Unfortunately I never took statistics or programming, but I have a reasonable math background and appreciate the work you have done to establish your method of trading. Your approach resonates with the little I have learnt and look forward to learning much more.

    1. Hey Jim- Sounds good! You don’t need to know any statistics to be a room member. We just use simple rules of thumb that have fairly high percentages associated with them. I am really big on reducing things to simplest terms so they are easy to understand and remember. Becoming consistent can often be achieved by very small and simple adjustments to the thinking. See you in the room!

  5. Scott: Thank you for your reply, I will come in and try the room. I am curious to see how many full time traders , with no other income outside of trading, are in the room.

  6. We have many traders doing this in the room each day. Kim reported 200+ ticks for example. http://oiltradingroom.com/reviews/

    To learn more about the system, click the system tab on the website.

    I do not make performance claims beyond what members are reporting so it is best just to join the room. Guys will help you if you ask and make efforts to learn and I lecture each day for a couple hours on top of that.

    If you want to follow another trader however, where you will not learn to trade, the OTR is definitely not for you. The OTR teaches trading and we have many successful traders it the room.

    Hope to see you in the room


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