Now THAT’S what I call a zone tag in the live oil trading room

Today was a fairly tough day to trade early on and I expected the market to break higher for various reasons as pointed out in the live trading room, suggesting that the market would look for the next zone higher following cycling above the highs.  And boy did it!

Cycling higher into an open zone
Cycling higher into an open zone

As the market broke higher and triggered a trade just after 10:50 room time, it continued all the way to the upper zone (note the high on the 60 min chart is touching the silver blue zone at the top right).  This first move represents about 81 ticks or $810 per contract move to the trailing stop and then triggered higher again (1130 room time) and any number of room members stayed caught and/or stayed with this trade going higher as the market approached the zone.  Who would have imagined such a big move would occur in such a short time.  But this is how opportunity presents itself in the OTR!

As always, use caution and trade only with money you can afford to lose.  The trading room is an excellent environment for learning to trade and advancing your skills as a trader.  Come join use and benefit from the great community all the amazing resources the room offers!

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