How to make 10 grand a week trading oil with mega bars

VadimsTrading54 Sep. 25 11.24

Step 1. Have 2 accounts, one with real money and trades and another SIM account. Reason: because you will only trade premium setups a few times a day or just once a day psychologically you may want to take all the impulse and "what if" trades in sim. It could be on a different platform or on paper or a different computer, whatever works for you, here are my SIM trades this week below also notice long trades vs short trades PnL and % win. Which leads us to the next step...VadimsTrading55 Sep. 25 11.31

Step 2. Focus on shorts. At least this week both my real and SIM accounts short trades have way out performed long trades. If I look at my performance for this year the short advantage is there by most metrics. I still took that long on Wednesday just didn't catch most of it.

Step 3. Pick a pattern and only trade it. I will show you my favorite pattern to trade using Mega Bars below. I only trade it in the real account (95% of the time, some impulse or other patterns make into real account sometimes as well) all other fun trades on SIM. As you know we call these Rail Road tracks -

VadimsTrading22 Sep. 21 23.40

VadimsTrading01 Sep. 12 14.46

VadimsTrading52 Sep. 25 10.34

more examples here (new tab)

Step 4. Sit and wait. Just wait for the pattern to form and then take a trade. Do not trade in the range unless that is your pattern. I personally lose money in range but whatever works for you stick with it and just wait. Take impulsive trades on SIM to feed your greed or fear but leave premium setups for the real money account.

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