How to Load a Template in Shark Indicators Bloodhound

In order to load a template in Shark indicators Bloodhound, first make sure Bloodhound is loaded as an indicator on your chart.  To do that, first see this:

Now that you have Bloodhound loaded, or other indicators you would like on the chart, you now want to select your template as follows:

Bloodhound uses a standard Windows file system, but to get to the template.  First make sure you have the template saved to your Ninjatrader/templates/Bloodhound folder.  Also make sure it is unzipped if the template was zipped.

The next step is to click the 3 little dots on the Settings Template line at the top as follows:

This action will open the file sequence as below:

From here select File - Open and select your desired template as below:

Bloodhound has two drop downs on your chart.  The left most drop down can also take you into do the same we just did above.  The second drop down to the right, will allow you to select the sepcific logic desired.  For this example, I will select the Smart Patterns-Open v1.2 template with Advanced ESSP logic which is what we use in our trading rooms as follows:

If desired, you can minimize the 3rd panel in this chart by hovering your mouse over the white line at the top of the 3rd pane / panel grab it with your mouse and drag it to the bottom resulting in this: