How One Oil Trading Room Member made 200 ticks today using simple room tools and techniques

We had waited all day. Today was complicated.  A contract roll, The Oil Inventory report and a release from the FOMC.  All these factors added up to make price action complicated today, especially early in the day. But,  as the reports were released, the market made its decision and the Oil Trading Room (OTR) was poised to benefit.

Below, at the bottom of this page, is a chart covering the last 30 minutes.  The movement, a grand whopping 226 ticks in this period was a record. Mike reported to me that he made 200 ticks in this period (as this is the single most profitable period of the day for the room).  Marked on the chart below are a variety of reasons covering everything from context analysis to trade triggers to the trailing stop system.

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Happy Trading...

Today K