Get on Board Now with the OTR!

The Pivot Retag Trade is one of the clearest and easiest to see trade set ups in the Oil Trading Room. This is simplicity at its finest. If you further combine it with the Trapped Trader Oscillator showing you traders trapped on the wrong side of the market, it makes for a phenomenally simple and straight forward trading system. I marked these trades for today's chart (4/1/2015) so you can see this system in action. Take a look at the chart below.

The room has so much more to offer though. We have a phenomenal trend determination system, risk management system and incredible statistics for determining what the market is trying to do. Some of our stats are 98% reliable. Further, you have an ongoing consultant each day to help with your live trading.

Come try the Oil Trading Room by keying in the coupon code (from the home page video) at checkout and get it at rock bottom pricing. The room is filling up!

We'll see you in the room!

Best Regards,

Rob Mitchell


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