Crude Oil has 11 individual opportunities daily to make 50 ticks or $500 each opportunity. This is a current statistical fact. As far as we know, no other market comes close to this.

Join Oil Trading Room host Rob Mitchell this Thursday January 8th at 11:45 Pacific time (2:45PM Eastern) for a one hour impromptu webinar covering how these opportunities present themselves while doing a review on the current day's trading chart from the Oil Trading Room.

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In this session you will see how to use a couple of the simple patterns we use in the room each day to benefit and position yourself for the huge opportunity Crude Oil presents daily in the room.

This session is important training for existing members and an excellent opportunity for traders of ANY market to expand their knowledge and skill. If you are a trader in the intraday time-frames, don't miss it! Click the link below to register now or copy and paste it into your browser.

The session will be recorded for members. Please retain your questions for the webinar session.

We'll see you there!

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