Crude Oil Range Expansion: Trading to The Zone. Today’s Live Trading Room Review

This morning was a bit strange as CL patterning goes in our live trading room.  We had a very narrow overnight range and tight ranges are often followed by range expansion.  The market made a strong run higher off the open with little or no retracements and this kept a lot of people out (including myself).

Following this strong shake out, the market began to cycle higher into an open zone above. Many room members benefitted from this as the trading room Mega Bar Trading System caught the entries.  and trailed nicely all the way up into the zone above as was predicted in the room.

I do not always remember to screenshot my trades, but below is a chart of one on my runners (a one lot) and the day's overall result.  I rode it all the way up to the R2 area and exited after having taken several other trades earlier with a 100% win ratio.

oil trading room day trades

Another member (MJ) contacted me and asked if he could do a blog post on his day trading in the room.  He said:  "I simply chart trade while watching your room and here are the results from trading the two lot. I saw Vadim shooting for 93.94 and I had already set my eyes at 94.20 after opening the trade and watching the trend." See below:

mj trading result

Nice trade MJ!!!!

These are just a couple of the opportunities that happened today in the Oil Trading Room.  Below is a chart (Pacific time zone) for the whole day for your analysis and showing the long triggers for the day. Seven long trades one loser (86% win rate):

Today's overall chart with basic entry triggers from the room....
Today's overall chart with basic entry triggers from the room....

If you have a story or something to share about trading in the room, and would like to share it, let us know!

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. The Oil Trading Room is for educational purposes only.