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Iv'e been in rooms for 15 years or so. This is the only real deal I have ever found.


Rob I want to express my sincere thanks to you and all the members that have contributed and share everything.


Appreciate A LOT


Got my target for the day. Thanks Rob I appreciate you and the room!


AN EXCELLENT description of the set ups today. You gave away a lot of secrets


Rob, thank you for words of encouragement and the sharing of your vast hours and vision....   I thank you and others for providing and sharing within this environment. Thank you so much for your guidance.


Thanks a ton Rob, Mike and all. Great stuff.


Rob this room is a God Send


got to thank this room, before i joined my average winnings days was 60% now I am up to 85% and taking less trades-  massive thanks


I thank you and the OTR for the knowledge, advice, insight, daily words of wisdom and all the webinars provided. You are an awesome individual and I really appreciate that Rob!

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It is almost unimaginable how much development has occurred over the last 6 months. I personally broke my personal barrier of not being able to trade size, not to mention all the other dynamic patterns and stats that has come out recently. So thank you for creating and nurturing a great trading environment.


All praaise to Rob and Mike. Best month ever today! Trying not to think about that new Audi I've been dreaming about.. I know better.!


Thanks Rob.  A lot of things came together for me today. 🙂


Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge with me the impact of your influence on my life is 10X Amazing. Thanks Again


Thanks Rob! Awesome lesson today! Have a great weekend ahead!~


thanks rob great week

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Awesome Week, Thanks Rob


I learn something nearly every day in the OTR.


Thanks for the Super Lessons


Thanks a ton Rob. Very good stuff.


Thanks for everything Rob.   I’m finally developing meaningful trading skills because of you.  I really appreciate you.


Listening to you and Mike is like being at the Library of Alexandria for Finance.

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Love this place thanks so much


thanks a lot rob very good commentary for a slow day much appreciated


I would have quit trading if it wasn't for this room


I now make more than 5 times the amount of profits I did when I joined the room. I simply took the methods here and made them my own. It has given me the confidence to trade 10+ contracts which I never thought possible.

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Thank you for teaching me about free $ 40t line


I have benefited greatly from my time in the OTR


I'm very happy in the trade room...I cant express that enough.


Over the years I have found which vendors offer truly great software, and you are definitely one of a small handful I find essential.


I absolutely love your system.....  What you have developed is by far, the BEST I have ever seen Rob!!  I've been trading now for nearly 18 years and have looked at many different systems.


Had a nice week this morning.... Thanks Rob, Mike and all the rest. Best job I've ever had!

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Thank you so much this room and you guys are the answer to my prayers


Our stuff is getting better exponentially.


Thank you so much, I'm learning a lot from you.


Below is a recent independently conducted member submitted study on several trading room signal follow through percentages. Join Us Now to learn these patterns and a whole lot more. (click the image below to enlarge)


I too used to stay away from crude now its getting easier everyday eductation in this room was a real wake up call


This room is the best place on the planet


I have been in other groups so to speak but education wise this tops it. I enjoy the knowledge here above all.


Just wanted to touch base and let you know everything is going great.  These are the most straightforward tools I've ever used and they're delivering great results.


I have learned from you in 10 days more than I have in 25 years


Thank You to All. Such a wealth of stats and wisdom


Thank you for what you are doing.. great knowledge and insight..


I am working through the vast array material on the OTR and the system itself. It represents an amazing body of work and a unique statistical approach that appeals to me. So, a big thanks to you and the team!


I AM  honestly speechless by your attitude of giving.


Your room is fantastic and you are incredible. Thank you for what you are doing.


What a week, not only trading but the quality of information provided for us.


Thank you for your mentoring for over two years greatly expanding my knowledge of trading, trader behavior and the Crude Oil futures market in particular. With the help of the, I have been fortunate to make trading a full time business and enjoy the flexibility that trading offers.


I'm seeing the abundance!


I love the OTR. Where else can you go to school and get paid for it? Really nice commentary this morning. Just as though you had magic glasses seeing the road ahead.


Lots of great teaching, thank you so much. Very grateful!


I would like to extend my deepest gratification for all that you have done, directly and indirectly, that kept me in trading........ your insights, continuous analysis & improvisations and most importantly, kindness to share and help others have attributed tremendously in trading skills that I have achieved thus far.   I cannot emphasis and express enough but still don't want to miss this opportunity to THANK YOU from bottom of my heart and wish you guys and your family a very happy, blessed New Year!


Please accept my sincere best wishes to you and your family this holiday season, and everyday thereafter.. thanks for touching my life in such a positive manner


The foundation of my trading is your bars and the TTO/SMO.  My trading development, analytical skills, Excel skills have increased exponentially since joining your room.  While I get a lot of that credit, I want to thank you for providing an intellectually stimulating environment for me.  You are one of the few people who thinks very similarly to me on trading.  Your thinking challenges me and makes me better.   I have always sensed that it is not about the money for you.  You have wanted to make a difference for traders, if they will let you.   So I wanted to drop you a quick email thanking you for reaching me and helping me make a BIG difference in my trading.


Thank you so much for everything you do and for the OTR, I have learned so much this past year. Not just about trading, but also about myself and I am forever grateful and appreciative.


This room has totally transformed my trading. I trade now with more mental peace and confidence. With your expertise Rob, great resources with tools and sharing members, this room has evolved tremendously.


I love these stats


amazing stuff here


Rob, I looked back at many of my old indicators that I used in pre-OTR. Almost in every case the room signal got me in earlier and out at a better place. Thanks for sharing your stuff.


Good call today....this is why you are a world champion...)


130 ticks today.  Rob, you have to charge more...)


I have learned so much from you Rob and really appreciate all that you do and stand for.  Your knowledge of trading and the psychology that you teach is absolutely excellent.


Rob; thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and experience!


I've been using your indicators for almost a year now and I just love them.  I mostly use 5 tick Smart Renko with TTO and SM and your profile chart which is a TRUE GEM the way you have it laid out showing all the important levels that crude is so disciplined (in a volatile way) about targeting.  I also find the SST levels very helpful. Today I nailed an E2 as it broke VAL and rode it to VPOC at 47.77 which goes all the way back to July 27.  And, as I've said before, your support is absolutely TOP NOTCH!!   You are a first class guy, Rob and thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us!!

Great teaching this morning.


Your OUTSTANDING support continues!!Cool


I just wanted to say that I contemplated getting this package forever. Like most I was skeptical and have been burned many times with random software. Who would have thought that a bar type with some simplistic indicators would prove so valuable!   I literally put the software into action right away putting your simple plan to action and BOOM.....everything was green across my CL account. Took a trade on a swing chart and also utilized a scalp chart in the direction of the swing chart.  I thought that I would share this as most developers like feedback from their customers.....mind you I said MOST.  Thank you again for what you do for the retail traders. GREAT AS ALWAYS ROB..... Many Thanks.


Really appreciate the oil trading room website and trading room too


Thanks Rob - great lessons this week!


I would like to thank you for all the things you share in the room, I have been learning so much from you.


Thanks Rob. Great lessons this week. As you say "just let it happen".


This was another awesome day in the OTR and I managed to take 40 ticks (1Lot). Getting now better and more confident with the range expansion concept and the stats related to it 🙂


I took this trade entered at .34 and exited at .68 with 3 contracts....)


GREAT discussion Rob..... thanks much


I always was BE trader coz of exact same reasons you mentioned. After joining this room, I have improved a lot.... Many thanks to YOU AND MIKE.


Thank you so much for everything you do.


This was another perfect Range expansion day - thank you for this concept 🙂


Rob called it out perfectly


very clairvoyant of you


Very professional


You and Mike are great mentors,    More than unselfish, big shoes to fill.


The OTR is an amazing room. Your teachings are incredible and I thank you!


I have to say one thing. If one really sticks to rules or signals of the room, he/she can make great out of trading... Great MENTAL PEACE as well


I Love it.  Thanks to you I am keeping my trades on 45 tick trade I made in the past I would of got out way before that.


I want to thank you for all do, your daily insight and methodology has been a blessing for me.

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Hi Rob…thanks for another great day in the OTR.


Thank you Rob for all you do which has improved my trading and life in general. Keep up the awesome world class service!


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The following are some of my observations and improvements to date since I have been a member of the OTR and my recent SIM trading. I believe these results are a due to a combination of the OTR and all the information it provides, the awesome OTR members, your daily teachings/exercises and the Moral Code and Laws of Honor. I also enjoy the psychology aspect that you provide to the OTR.

  • Confidence and knowledge have increased dramatically.
  • Ability to remain calm and focused continues to improve.
  • Daily trade win rate has increased.
  • Daily profit has increased.
  • Number of consecutive profitable days has increased (14 to date).
  • I understand and accept that losing at times is part of trading.
  • Ability to get into bigger trades is also improving.


Your trading room is literally worth its weight in Gold.


Thanks for taking the time and effort to teach us in the make a difference and thank you for your patience.
You are a good man and encourage others


Our stuff is GGGGOOOOD

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nice way to start the weekend...nice Rob ty


Thanks Rob another bookmark lesson


Thank you for all that you have done for me and for the difference you are making for so many.


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You guys have helped me immensely to stay in trading and not going back to my  job. I do not have words to express my gratitude from me and my family. My son is also getting more and more involved in trading.  GOD Bless you with the best!!!  Happy holidays.


Just wanted to say thanks for a great two weeks in the room.  I've gotten a lot out of the meditation recordings you sent me and the daily Moral Code and Laws of Honor is really helping me to stay focused and clear in my thinking and decision making process while trading.  This trading week would have normally been intensely frustrating for me because I really struggle in slow moving markets but instead I felt relaxed which was a fantastic experience.

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Great session. Thanks Rob as always.....


great session, thx


mark this video as a must see


Thanks Rob terriffic


Thanks, Again and I continue to use and love your indicators, I always thought they would lose their magic, NOT so...


Thank you for your awesome tools, the conventional technical tools in the town just don't have the edge like smart indicator have.  Thank you for your guidance and maintaining the oil trading room for us to learn.


I don't carry enough words to express the gratitude but your presence has made enormous difference in lives of many and I am thankful to be one of them. Your unconditional passion of mentoring and urge to help have supported me immensely in continuing to be in trading and not going back to IT.   I am extending gratitude and blessing from my whole family.  Happy ThanksGiving Rob !!!   GOD bless you.
I appreciate your mentoring and trading indicators. I have learned a lot from you and the others in the room. There a great bunch of guy's....

I am thankful that I found OTR , you and the great members here.


Thank you for investing in my life and for being the amazing you who has opened himself up and trained himself so well to help others. The OTR and the trading is just a bonus. THIS is why I'm a member!


Thanks Rob, today marks my 10th consecutive profitable day. Grateful for all you do and the OTR

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Thank you Rob and OTR!!

Thanks Rob - Great week of mentoring

This 85ticks move --- is it something that people outside of this room are aware of ? It is just amazing....


OTR participation and content is great thanks to great members
one of my better days. Better entries. Thank you




Thank you for all the wise words today, and the funny ones that made me smile 🙂

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I am constantly amazed at how much information is available on the many gems!


Thank you Rob for this room and your guidance.


I want to tell you that I'm very excited and grateful to be part of the OTR community and having you as my mentor. Every day with you in the OTR is a terrific learning lesson for me not just about trading futures and the markets but as well about the outside of it, meaning of life and combining it with such positive attitude and life building experience you do offer.  I can truly feel with my heart your true honesty and how hard you want to help everyone to succeed sharing all your true master trader knowledge and experience which is both amazing and totally appreciative = priceless.


You have developed an amazing group that is unselfish and truly demonstrates a desire for others to succeed.  As you know, any group or company is a reflection of their leader, and you have created an atmosphere where traders can learn things they would otherwise never have known.

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I would not be at the level of trader I am today without you ALL


Thanks for the great week of Mentoring Rob!


I am grateful to you Rob and ALL my friends in the OTR


Been a great day!


million thanks!


Thanks Rob...great as usual! !

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Thank you Rob for $6k week


You are a blessing


Thanks for a great week of mentoring Rob


OTR truly is a blessing in my life

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thanks steve, you and rob make it very clear. can't ask for more.


Rob, no way I can express gratitude for all you do for us, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

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nice call, thanks !!!!!!! :-)))  paid for my room fee,,,,,,,,,,,,,, for the next 4 months, lol


Thanks Rob Great as usual !


I am so lucky to have you as my mentor, "Guru". Many thanks for being in my / our life.

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300 ticks on a 103 range day


I can't thank you enough for all you do for all of us !


Thanks for a great first week in the OTR




never seen anything like this ... wow


Thanks for all you do Rob, it is absolutely amazing


trade management discussion yesterday was great!! Thank you


Another incredible session Rob! TY very much.


Among the many profound things you have said, this one is the MOST important profound statement


Thanks so much for all you do for us @ OTR . Came to room trading like Astro, now Elroy who is taking masters exams. :-))
49 Ticks today, only 1 losing day last 2 weeks.

Rob's stuff is amazing !!! By far the best tools I could ever imagine to work with.  It's a beautiful thang !!!!!!!!!

biggest trade of my life


saved my trading career

Coming here is like building a custom home. Rob as the creator of Smart Indicators and the room templates is the architect. Rob has provided the foundation to the structure. Mike from Chicago is the structural engineer. He will can tell you if the addition you are thinking of can hold it's own weight (w/ stats.)   Karl is the keeper of the repository if you misplace some blueprints. Steve from Chattanooga is the realtor offering encouragement and looking for new opportunities. It's our responsibility to go to the builder's supply and choose the materials for the type of house we want to build. The blog and webinars are the builder's supply. I'm building a starter home. Brick ranch that is trend following only for now.

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Rob youre giving back to us 'hungry for knowledge traders ' just like you did to the hungry for food at your always get back 10 fold.  God Bless you.


Thanks Rob and all the great pros in this terriffic room


Thanks again for your help and support


This room is amazing. How much is the software? I am 5 out of 5 thus far my first 2 days in this room. You guys rock!


Made my target today and the last trade just closed, 2 contracts off at 10, and 1 off at 2 ticks above the 46.85 target. First time I've been able to hold a trade to a daily target like 85 tics. Thank You Thank You Thank You

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You have already and still improving lives of many. With blessings from core of everyone's heart, wishing you all happiness in life and vacation is just to begin with 🙂


Thanks to @RobMitchellSuccess, I had the best trading day of my life.  If you're looking for an awesome community and amazing tutelage follow that dude or go to the  Best day ever and 2 weeks ago was my best week ever... BOOM


So fortunate to be here Rob. You've totally turned around my trading.  MANY MANY Thanks


Will take this moment to express how much I appreciate everything you have done for me not only on my trading but how much you have help me on my personal live with all the lectures, emotional and mental webinars.  Thanks again.

great day (2)

great stats

Keeps getting better and better.  It's funny, I see things so well and clearly now,,,,,,,,,, I am thinking that all of a sudden your indicators are reading market intent so much better .  Then I go back in time on the charts and look at charts from a year back, and guess what????  The same signals and set ups are there as well.  :-))  In any regard, thanks for everything.

My growth as a trader and as person has been tremendous!


I have been in the OTR group for three weeks now and am so impressed with the knowledge and attitude you and the senior members display.


I had another major personal breakthrough last night after my worst day of trading trying to pick bottoms and today is my first profitable day. I have an infinite amount left to learn, but a very bright lightbulb came on last night after meditating. I can't express how much this room has changed my entire state of being. I'm forever grateful.

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Great week

I am so grateful to have met you and found the room. It is just what I needed at just the right time.   Never ceases to amaze me when He does that, though I've seen it many times.

better and better

Thank you!  It was really amazing seeing the TTO entry points this morning.

monster day (2)

Really, thanks for everything.   Your talks and the room are making a huge difference in my performance.


Thank you so much for creating such a fantastic trading room! You have an excellent group of traders, and I'm learning many new skills and ideas that will help me become a successful and profitable trader!



After almost 2 years Rob you have broken through my stubborness to see, of course , that's with only one eye, but Thank-you very much for evolving with the room.

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Great Session

Love your room and the way you think and present...thanks for everything...still so much to learn from you guys.


I am really enjoying the OTR.  I am really learning.  I used to trade the ES for the last year, and CL is Soooooo much easier.  I love all of the guys in the room that really know what they are doing, and the help afforded us "OTR Newbies".

Thank You OTR

The individualized help I got from Rob, Kevin and Sam was invaluable. Will be doing again and recommend everyone else doing so you get to know what you are doing right and wrong.


At this moment, I'd like to drop a note of gratification. I remember, before 2 months when I joined, I was very worried and concerned about learning OTR strategies. I needed it most, I STILL need it.   After 2 months, I am at much better situation in understanding the concepts. Not only I see strategies that unfold real time but I started visualizing the day.   My wholehearted thanks to you. I cannot emphasis enough how huge this means to me, my family.  You have provided all means and resources for someone to be succeeded. You're amazing human being.  Sincere thanks from my / our bottom of heart. GOD bless you and your family.  Thank you!!!
My first month in the OTR I was losing 80% of days. I was in constant fight or flight mode. I had to paper trade for a while, so I could actually learn this stuff. Now, my trading is much more relaxed and confident. Once you start to know that you know, it's a whole different ballgame.

over it

deep green

in the green

Over for the day

Thanks for a GREAT lesson this morning.

Big Difference

very best

so much learning

how to use it

I haven't had a losing day since joining the room.   The stats seem so simple, but it's amazing I never looked at the market like this before.

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Once again, I find myself amazed at what's been going on the past 6 weeks or so.  Guess there are some things starting to click.  I told you about yesterday,,,,,,,,, record day.  Two 100 tick trades in a day, but that's what the signals said.  Today, was long right after the open, then bought the trap at 6:30 ish and rode it all the way up, almost another 100 tick trade.  I sold it a couple of times on the way down but basically scratched on those.   THEN:  Triple divergence up with a strong batman to finish, with the center of the H & S being a TTO pump!!!!!!!! That's everything.  I held through the first reversal which turned into a T2, and covered at .30 , and IBP target!  So, boss, am I learning ?!?!?!?!  :-)))))))))   Thank you so very much for all your work, help, teaching, patience, and extra time with me.  I am GRATEFUL !!!!!!!! 


made 10k

3 months and win

50t club

the best

great day

all winners


good stuff

glad i found the otr

Two concepts that you shared were very meaningful to me:  One, was your encouragement for traders, especially new traders, to trade with the trend and the importance of having a perspective that allowed for entries that had probabilities of participating in an extended move.    Second, was your simple, but profound discussion that when my belief system is in alignment with Truth, the larger reality, there is freedom/liberty and life works much better.  John 8:32 You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.  I will continue to meditate on that today.  Please keep repeating and sharing these concepts. It is good to be reminded and encouraged in this sometimes lonely and challenging endeavor.  Thank you!

monster day

triple target

Just wanted to drop a note on your kind mentoring on improving me as a trader. I've been following, as you suggested, ONL / ONH levels, possible 86t range in a pit session and Gift trades while keeping an cautious eye on 5TV, PRTs.   Every word of yours carries lot of weight. I listen to recordings time and again. As I understand more, it becomes obvious you unfold hidden treasure to us.  My sincere thanks to you in providing HUGE support & guidance.  Thanks again.

Highly Valuable

Just a  note to say thanks for all you do for us, and especially for me to help us reach our goals.  While I have miles and miles to go (before I sleep), I feel like I am becoming a more complete trader.  I especially appreciate all the extras we get from our association with you.  I know you do, but my wish for you is that you receive as abundantly as you are giving.

10- 100s

I want to trumpet the success of your software from the highest bridge ....


this is the best group of traders I have seen in one year finally. The sharing you are doing is never been done here like this and the learning has been exponential.


I bagged my first triple digit gain from the OTR so I'm really grateful for your teachings and guidance over the past month or so.

Great learning


Why do you do it?  Only my opinion, and if you disagree, I am sure you are right and I am way off base.  1.  It's what you do.  You are a teacher ( and giver) at heart.  I think you might like the fact that you know so very much about something that almost everyone else sucks at, and are proud of your accomplishments.  I am sure I would be if I were where you are, as would the rest of the world.  2.  You think you can help others reach their goals.  3.  You are a consummate giver.  You have a  greater love for human kind (accepting each person as they are, a treasure) than anyone I have come across in a long time.  I wish everyone could know AND APPRECIATE the fact that you are "praying" for us each morning.  I think that's the most awesome concept I have ever heard of.  Thank you. 4.  And this one is not very high on the list, but I think it's appropriate.  You understand you can't out give the Source.  The more you give, the more you get but returned magnified !!!!!!   One of my goals now is to give freely to all who ask.  No conditions, only for the joy of helping others.  And it's working !!!


Just to let you know it was good and PROFITABLE to be back today, plus, I experienced today what you talked about in the room where you said when you read a book AGAIN, you will see things that you didn't see before. That's what happened to me today in the room. I saw a lot, and I do mean a lot that I didn't see before and it was all so good.

otr rocks (2)

giving sharing caring

best money

gratitude (2)

Total Confidence

Another 100t day

100 tick day

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Life Experience


this rocks

since room opened

 Thank you for always bringing MORE truth into my life so that my FOUNDATION for THE TRUTH becomes larger and thereby making me more free.
uncle rob


Just got a super bull trap at about 7:30 "real" time.  Thanks for disclosing / teaching this concept to us. I am just now learning to spot these, but if they are mostly this easy, YIPPIE !!!!!!!!!  I continue to grow, and learn, and receive, and am blessed by this journey.
Thanks again for all you are doing, mostly in life, but in trading as well.

moster day

in the past I would have gotten slaughtered on days like today, but am up (substantially) thanks to your teaching and guidance


your interview series [on the blog] is great


see yall later, +.70

crazy good

I have listened to you closely in the OTR, watched your videos, used your tools--and know you are the best at what you do.  Thanks for your time! I actually have no idea how you find the time to do everything you do, but I am impressed and can tell you love it.

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Thanks once again for all you do.  NO WAY any of us could be doing what we are doing without your help and (patient) guidance. None of this would be possible without your work and dedication to OUR success.

learn more

one of a kind

wish i came here first

3 years to 100t

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I wanted to say thank you ONCE AGAIN (not for the profit$$$) for all you give to us.  I am certain you get many of these types of emails, so I'll just get in line to say how much I appreciate both what you have furnished us to work with AND all the extra you continue to give to us each day.  I am fairly certain that only a handful of people in the room (and certainly not me) could afford to actually pay what this is worth.  I am not sure why you do it, only that you are truly a unique and giving person that is making a difference in lives everywhere.
I learned to day trade by learning to read indicators.  It's all I know at the time, but am learning more each day about WHY I am getting the signals I am getting.  I have looked at lots and lots of indicators, and hands down yours  are the best. Thanks again for sharing your life's work with us.
So please know how thankful I am that someone steered me in this direction.  It's a game changer, to put it mildly.
I look forward each morning to connecting with my new friends in the room, and each day I hope that I can both learn something new, and share what I have learned with others.

thank you

super awesome

great day

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otr rocks


T2 stats


do the work


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WOW.    Thanks for all.  I am better for being here, and this blesses the people in my life that I love.   So THANKS MAN!!  This is a very special journey.

Have been in 2 other rooms, but this one is the clearest I've seen.

Happy New Year

Pleasure to be in the room

grateful (2)


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First I want to inadequately try to express my gratitude for all you do for all of us.  It's truly rare in life to find givers, and especially in this industry.  You are blessing many people who in turn bless many people.  I am sure you are aware, but I would like to remind you that the ripples from your pebble in the lake will go on forever.


You should know - the OTR room is exceptional and You provide a GREAT service for people who are able to see it!  You (+ great OTR members) helped me to match the TopStepTrader combine requirements within last 10 days.

I am greatest trader in the world ever! And, I learned it from you my dear friend!

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Listen to Michael's OTR Experience below (or download the MP3 here)  and how he started 4 months ago and ran up his account over 500%.  Like other members, Michael has experienced success on a variety of levels in the room and expresses how those connections have helped him with his success.

      Michael's OTR Experience


100pct win

Better Trader

million in otr


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 Thought I'd let you know I just passed my combine with Top Step Trader!
 guidance (2)

First, can't even begin to figure out how to let you know how grateful I am, how much I appreciate all you do for us.  I do know you are sharing your life's work, lessons, and secrets with us each day.  Thanks!  Second, the tools are most impressive.  I have spent the better part of the last three years learning how to read tools and what they are telling us.  Yours are incredible.

nothing like this

20 times

amazing sys

ScreenHunter_2652 Dec. 01 11.29

ScreenHunter_2651 Dec. 01 11.29

5th 100t


Thanks for the help this afternoon in pointing those situations out.   Getting there,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  Grateful
i want to thank you for everything  , you really change behaviors , so this really impacts results. I will never forget the place where everything changed..  God Bless You man, i am thankful and grateful that i found your community 🙂

lil bit

want it all

You are  my  most  favorite teacher ever.

first 100


learn exchange grow






more ticks


49t yahoo


81 ticks

over 100 ticks

Good Fortune

Getting bigger

its the system

225 ticks

zero losers


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great teachings

incredible day

thanks for everything

position to receive

Rob, thanks for what you're doing here. I've been trading in the wilderness for a while, and it's nice to find a place that feels like home.

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thanks so much

I want to tell you how much I have been enjoying my time in the Oil Trading Room. It's simply exceeded my expectations.

great thoughts

awesome person

made my day

59 this am



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I had a great week, $14000 in net profits  (trading 2 lots) with a 77% winning percentage.   My profit factor was almost 4.0.

Best Ever




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Your OTR room and the quality of the people within the room is absolutely amazing. So I thank you for creating it, and for all your hard work that you put into and helping others.


OTR is the best room out there, I wouldn't recommend trading without it.


I really like your calm, matter of fact style.  So many trading rooms are about hype, high five, glitz, but no real content.

330 in 4 days

What a great resource.  I've been thru the blog and webinars where you talk about the setups, but I don't think anything works as well as when you go thru the charts and make comments.  Your review yesterday and today was excellent.  It really helps to have you talk about how you see the market, what you are looking at, and your thought process; true mentoring.

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awesome discussion

78 t

1 k 2 trades

Two weeks ago, I sat down with the charts, utilized what you had taught and lessons learned from past experiences, and came up with a plan -  I would shut off the everything and just concentrate on the market.   Last week was a 100% week with no losses, and this week has been the same.  I went back and watched the daily recordings, as well as, Mike's "Getting Caught in Big Trades" and was hit by a comment/bullet point Mike made and you re-iterated on Friday - "Stop looking externally for success".  Your site has been a Godsend in education and motivation, and I want to thank you for all your efforts in setting up a treasure trove of information.  My latest success, I believe, has come from letting the sub-conscious take over and, finally, trade with the knowledge I know I possess.

80 ticks

DS 380 today

40 and 70


more than signals

thumbs up

da man

wonderful human


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good man

up to 4 lots

where the honey is



first day 52t


new record

best trade

50 t club

I can see why your customers like having the system. The thing I really appreciate is the indepedance you foster along with your daily comments.


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what a day

the man

OTR for Life!


emphatic thanks

100 ticks

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up 30

great lecture

up 42

great learning day

plus 66

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330 ticks

another great day

I really enjoy being a part of your trading room.  I appreciate your input and that you allow me to contribute as well in my own way.  I have become a much more confident trader since Sept. 2014 in a large part from what you have shared with me and others.  Thanks again, Rob.

reaching the goal

450 for the week

record day

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311 today


awesome mentor


... Thank you for your inspiration , i have been working hard on your concepts.  When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Goal Again

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six steps

225 ticks

Thanks Rob. This room and people are awesome….

I have to tell you that these charts are just amazing.  I tossed out my order flow this week and shrunk my OTR stuff so I could get a much bigger picture of what is going on (I am 99.9% sure this is what Kim is looking at to make all that money).  Man, just amazing all the stuff I see in these charts.  Anyways, just wanted to say thanks for all this great stuff.

great first week

1125 ticks in a week

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130 ticks so far

2785 ticks for me

best day yet

2400 dollars



I took a total of 210 ticks today.  Thanks for sharing your secret.

Waiting to open

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60 ticks

Loving the room and the material on the website is simply outstanding.

Million thanks

turn around

new perspective

It's a  room with unselfish people willing to share and help others.  I appreciate everyone's contributions.

I owe my success in trading because of you. So thank you Rob..

205 ticks

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I would like to thank you for your dedication, sincerity, and sharing your vast knowledge in all aspects of life.

425 ticks in a week

raised the bar

I have been trading for roughly 3 years with limited and inconsistent success, YOUR room has had a prescriptive correction to the way that I have seen and understood the market and its moves.  Many times, I had sensed where the market was going and predicted its behavior but had no way of quantifying the intuition, the entry points, and more importantly, formulating exit strategies.  NOW, so much of it makes sense, especially, on entries (still working on the exits)

1080 per contract

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thanks for help

huge trade

another huge trade

another successful day

Up 85 ticks

171 ticks

150 ticks

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ten thousand in 2 weeks

another month


200 ticks

another good day (2)

110 ticks per day

best day

excellent day

wish i found you earlier

paid for system




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Thank you for creating the OilTradingRoom I find your comments ever so useful. Just so you know I plan to be around a long time.

really like

great education

The OTR has been the best decision I have made to improve my trading in the last 6 years.  I would urge you to consider it if trading the CL is your goal.  I've waisted a lot of time trying to do it all on my own.  It is money well spent and the trades you will learn will pay the monthly fee easily.

third day

took 61 ticks today  I paid for Oil training room

Thanks for all the insight and teaching.  You have created a wonderful and VERY positive room for traders.


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no call


dang love

very good day


152 ticks

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not afraid

best ever


Unreal room you've put together.

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another good day

I am doing so much better in the last 2 weeks than ever before. Thanks for your guidance and support.

great day


I just wanted to thank you for the room. So far my experience in the room has been nothing short of amazing!

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help in room

room set ups



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made week

plus 100


6 years in es


great teaching

65 today

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Broke another record for my best session ever by a country mile.



lotta rooms


change life

every day

Greatly Improved

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Thank you very much for all you do for the oil trading room.  I have been around the block a few times and certainly have not found a trading room with this quality.  Thanks again.




great stats

learning day

likes E2


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uncle rob

helped tons

paying off

I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined that you would be so open, caring and sharing.  I think I wrote you once when you asked for feedback that I am always skeptical of every sales pitch that comes out of this industry.  Many certainly spoil it for the few good, well intended people like you.  You have helped me grow professionally by creating an honest environment that encourages creative thinking and sharing.  I am dedicated to your cause and look forward to participating with you in keeping the ball you started in Sept 2014 rolling forward.  Thanks for the difference you have made for me and for the many you have already touched and will continue to touch in the months ahead.





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made it

winn loss

mike m short


ScreenHunter_2365 Apr. 29 08.11

ScreenHunter_2363 Apr. 28 07.53

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ScreenHunter_2363 Apr. 28 07.58

ScreenHunter_2363 Apr. 28 08.00

ScreenHunter_2364 Apr. 28 08.00

ScreenHunter_2365 Apr. 28 08.00


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earn and learn

Just finished the first week in the OTR.  Thanks very much for for providing all you do. I have a solid trading method but have never thought of using the kind of statistical analysis that you and Mike give in the room. After first week I more than doubled my profitability on my usual average. Knowing how far the market can move in a given period has kept me in good trades and avoided the traps in the moves that have reduced my profitability.  I am very happy I decided to give it a try.  Looking forward to next week






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I'm so glad I decided to join the OTR.  I'm trading much less than I used to and holding winners longer.  It's all very exciting, especially considering the vast amount of information I'm still learning and implementing on a day to day basis.  Thanks for starting such a wonderful trade room.





tim2 (2)

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I happen to think that the OTR is the best experience I have had in trading.


Hi Rob...... I just wanted to leave a comment about the Webinar. In the context of having been a member of the Oil Trading Room for the past few weeks this is one the of the best webinar / Trading videos I have ever seen. It is a proprietary Trading system in the form of Megabars but it's combined with a great background education on such topics as Market Profile.  I am really enjoying the Room (even though my attendance is choppy). The Webinar answered many many questions that I had. This webinar is compulsory viewing for anyone new or relatively to the Trading room like myself..... and it demands re-watching again and again.

ScreenHunter_2100 Jan. 05 08.24


ScreenHunter_2083 Dec. 29 11.32

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ScreenHunter_2069 Dec. 17 08.59

ScreenHunter_2069 Dec. 17 08.57

I am so happy that you opened the Oil Trading Room.  The methods that you initially introduced and the subsequent development and growth of these and new signals has been nothing short of phenomenal.  I truly appreciate the environment that you foster and am hopeful that new and existing members will join in on the fun.  This is what I have been seeking and again thank you.  I am very happy to have been any part of its success.

ScreenHunter_2061 Dec. 15 11.25

ScreenHunter_1948 Oct. 17 08.42

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Had a somewhat good 1st day today at the OTR, 50 ticks up, not bad, was trading cautiously most of the day.  In any case, I like the room set-up very much, good job!

 There are a hand full of true professionals out there and you sir are one of them.   Regards and Good Trading,  Jim

I want to thank you for a lot of things this Thanksgiving as always. You've been the guiding light to any success I've achieved in the world of day-trading. The hours you have poured into assembling the tools that I've acquired from you and always being there to answer questions, have undoubtedly been significant contributors to my success. Had it not been for you - I would've never known about Crude Oil and the advantage of trading such instruments in the short term. I can't thank you enough.   MJ

ScreenHunter_1946 Oct. 10 07.16

I want to tell you that I enjoy participating in your room.  Your leadership is making the "next level" possible for several traders, including myself and I appreciate all that you do.

ScreenHunter_1944 Oct. 08 08.33

ScreenHunter_1944 Oct. 08 11.02

ScreenHunter_1937 Oct. 06 08.42

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ScreenHunter_1948 Oct. 17 08.29


read room new


ScreenHunter_1934 Oct. 02 07.33




review 750

review another 350

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ScreenHunter_1937 Oct. 06 08.41




This is my second day of trading in the Oil Trading Room and my profit so far is $1160. Thanks, JP.


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Hi Rob,   I have spent a lot of time in your new room over the past few weeks and I think you hit it out of the park.   I know through our communication over the past year you really care about helping others now you were able to create a daily service that will change lives forever.  I hope to be in a position one day to do that on the scale you are able too.   I wish you all the success in this new venture and look forward to being a member.  Best, Steve


Today I traded 2 contracts. Total of $800

review wait

"Your mega bars are really powerful."


"I am approximately up $1,350 for the week so far."




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"The room is a learning area that is very organize and calm. "

"Great job with the room, your tools and guidance have been great."

oil trading room comment 6

"I made 85 ticks today."

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"I just want to express you have influenced my trading more than any other mentor and that I very much appreciate your generous support and everything you do."

oil tradingroom comment2

"Thank you for having this room as it adds another element of confirmation on my trading plan and methodology. May the Lord bless your endeavors and all that you are doing to help fellow traders."


"Your 1st hour of talking is a gem."


oil trading room comment 5

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"Thank you for your OIL TRADING ROOM"

review growth

oil trading room comment 7

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