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These recent webinars  teach some powerful techniques we use in the Oil Trading Room but the Oil Trading Room goes way beyond the webinar contents here with daily Statistical Analysis, Market Commentary, Advanced Psychological Training, Over 150 Advanced Trading blog posts, Advanced Trading Techniques and more (enjoy recent member comments and reviews here)!  We look forward to seeing you in the room!

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The webinar above covers even more advanced trading system concepts and design and creates a great system that you can download the code for.  Enjoy  and use this link for more information following the webinar: http://indicatorsmart.com/shark-week/

**The system components and templates for the above webinar can be found here: http://indicatorsmart.com/product/shark-webinar-special/ 

**The system components and templates for the above webinar can be found here: http://indicatorsmart.com/product/shark1

 "Mastering Fear in Trading with Author, Trader and Speaker Thomas Miller"

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Shark TradeReef Event!

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Discover the Smart Patterns System as we use in the room in the webinar video below: