here is what happens when one only takes the best MB setups

Today I decided to only take the premium setups. If you were trading today most of the morning and afternoon were so slow it felt like a line at the DMV office in the afternoon. But I was still able to capture a few short trades during my favorite setup, I call these the Mega Bars Rail Road Tracks or MBRRT:

VadimsTrading30 Sep. 22 14.12

Here is my performance for today



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5 thoughts on “here is what happens when one only takes the best MB setups”

    1. Hi Grace, they look like rail road tracks, you can see them only on Robs MBs and renko. See how they bars go down down down then up then down down down, so when the first leg is established i usually wait for the high volume bar in the opposite direction and then enter on the break of that bar and i place stops above it and then just trail the position all the way.

  1. Hi Vadlm Im impressed with your trading style how long have you been trading thsi strategy and are you profitable most days how ,may ticks Dominick Lobue

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